Terms & Conditions

I. General

1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this website and the work and services provided by us through the website. We herewith reject any differing conditions or contractual offers of the user. Additional or differing regulations agreed to separately may apply to individual services or functions.
2. “We” or “alphastareng” and the operator of the website is Alpha Star Engineering and Services, Suite # 962, St 03 Grex Maripur Karachi, Pakistan.
3. “User” respectively “customer” or “you” within the meaning of these contractual provisions is whoever uses this website and the services provided thereby, or whoever acquires our products.

II. Description of Services

1. We offer services to increase privacy and ensure more fun and security when using the Internet. This requires special technical software (the availability of compatible hardware is a prerequisite) that prevents the transmission of online advertising and the collection of user data when viewing websites on the Internet by other devices respectively connected to the Internet.
2. We are responsible for providing the agreed services to the user subject to an express written agreement; however, we are not responsible for any realization of a particular commercial success over and above the contractual service. In addition, we endeavour to continuously further develop and optimize our hardware. However, our contractual service does not mean that all online advertising and all user data can actually be filtered or blocked with our services.
3. Please note that the use of websites and their representation on users’ end devices may be influenced by the use of our services.
4. We provide product support solely via our website. In addition, we provide product documentation in electronic form.

III. General Obligations of User

1. Users are themselves responsible for the use of our Internet offering. When using our website and our services, users may not violate applicable legal regulations or contractual provisions.
2. Orders completed and contacts made in the context of contract execution and contract administration shall generally be carried out by email. The user shall therefore ensure that the email address given by him for order completion is correct and that no settings or filter devices of the user prevent receipt of the contract-related emails.
3. Users shall keep data requiring confidentiality, in particular codes, passwords and other access data, secret. The user shall inform us immediately in the event of misuse or suspicion of misuse.
4. The user undertakes to use our services solely in accordance with the respectively applicable license agreement.

IV. Provision of Work and Services

1. In principle, we shall make our work and services available 24 hours per day 365 days in the year. However, we are not liable for successful retrieval in individual cases. We are therefore not liable for the provision of our services with availability at particular times and are entitled to interrupt the services for the purpose of maintenance, servicing, rectification of errors, to prevent or frustrate misuse or in the event of any security problems arising. In the event of a temporary, short-term non-availability, the user’s entitlement to services already paid for but not yet purchased shall be maintained. In this case, there shall be no claim to reimbursement or withdrawal from the contract. We shall only interrupt services to the extent required and if there is good reason and shall restore services again as soon as possible. We reserve the right to discontinue the online offering. In this case, the user shall be refunded for any services already paid for but not yet made use of.
2. We reserve the right to change the technologies used (server, operating systems, interfaces, software, website pages) and communication means and, in particular, keep them up to date with the respective state-of-the-art. We reserve the right to meet our contractual obligations in this regard. Subject to meeting our contractual obligations to the user, we shall be entitled to change, expand, restrict or discontinue our services at our own discretion.

V. Prices and Shipping Costs

1. Our prices include the applicable statutory value added tax and exclude shipping costs.
2. The user shall be informed of any shipping costs incurred prior to contract conclusion. These shall be borne by the user unless free shipping is agreed.

VI. Text of the Contract

The text of the contract is not stored by us and can no longer be retrieved after the order process has been completed. The customer can print out these Terms and Conditions and the order data prior to sending his order and shall receive a contract confirmation in accordance with the legal regulations.