Cathodic Protection Design, Supplies, Installation & Commissioning


We are actively engaged in pre-design site surveys, specialized surveys, supply of materials, design and engineering, installation, energizing, testing and commissioning, monitoring and trouble shooting of a wide range of cathodic protection systems. Including; metallic structures such as underground and aboveground storage tanks, buried pipelines, oil well casings and structures associated with refineries, power plants, water treatment and desalination plants, etc. Material supply includes following key items;



  • Transformer-rectifier units
  • Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anodes – tubular / piggy back / linear sock / deep-well string
  • HSI Anodes
  • Magnesium Anodes
  • Zinc Anodes
  • Aluminium Anodes
  • Junction boxes and test posts
  • AC / DC Coupons
  • Permanent Reference Electrodes
  • Portable Reference Electrodes
  • Monobloc Isolating joints
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Polarisation Cell
  • Specialist CP cables
  • Remote monitoring and control systems